FB01 - Frozen Hell

Rescue Installation Worker.

Spitzbergen is an island north of the Norwegian mainland. Both Norwegians and Russians have always inhabited it. When Norway was given control of the island, it was agreed that the Russians could use parts of the island for mining operations.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union had built several secret military bases on the island. It has been revealed, that in the case of a full blown war, that the island would be the first thing the Russians would seize due to it's strategic location.

Intel has informed us that a Russian general by the name of Oleg Bogdanov has taken control of a key radar station on the island, and has managed to seize a cache of older Soviet weapons. It is feared that there may be some base workers there being held as hostages. Officials in Moscow are denying that this is a deliberate act of war, and deny any prior knowledge of the attack on the station.

Washington has given us top priority to implement a covert operation to counter this move. The Norwegians have some valuable information regarding the location of some nuclear warheads that we wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands. Gentleman, we can't be too sure if this is the real thing, but we need to act swiftly to find out. Satellite imagery has shown us that the Russians have armor support and a SAM near the base. The Norwegians have agreed to provide limited support in the operation. You will be inserted by a Blackhawk just below the base.

Good Luck!

FB02 - Icebreaker

Rendevous with the Norwegians.
Disrupt Russian Transports.
Inspect Ship's Cargo Hold.
Commandeer the Ship's Bridge.

Good evening Gentlemen,

That was quite a piece of work you accomplished at the radar site, but we are not out of the cold just yet. General Bogdnanov managed to escape our grasp just before we arrived. Regrettably, it also appears that his forces confiscated information leading to the location of the nuclear warheads.

Our Intel sources have informed us that the rogue Russian forces have managed to hijack a merchant vessel on 10 January. She goes by the name, "Ternen" and was considered missing until just a few hours ago. The cloud cover over the island lifted just enough for our satellites to get a lock on her position. Luck would have it that she is stuck in the ice just off the coast.

We need to board that ship and retrieve the warheads before it is too late. It is apparent that this Bogdnanov has his own private agenda and a small army at his side. We must fear the worst if he gets these weapons into a safe haven. Images display vehicles around the ship and it appears that they are unloading cargo.

Operatives from Norwegian Special Forces are holding a briefing in an abandoned building just to the east of the ship's position. We are scheduled to rendezvous with them for further Intel and to discuss a course of action. Time is of the essence.

FB03 - Sniper's Nest

Assassinate Bogdnanov

Good Morning Gentlemen,

That was an outstanding operation that you performed last night on the Ternen. Washington thinks that we have dealt a serious blow to Bogdnanov's rogue unit, but the business is yet unfinished. Moscow has gotten involved, rabidly denying any involvement in Bogdnanov's excursion into the frozen reaches of Spitzbergen. Officials in Russia have given the order to take out this maverick with extreme prejudice and are offering full cooperation in the matter.

Our Intel has picked up information about an abandoned underground facility about 5 clicks north of the radar base. It is believed that Bogdnanov's headquarters and training facility is located there and he may have been conducting operations from there for months. Both Washington and Moscow believe that assassinating General Bogdnanov will deal a serious blow to the morale of the unit and more than likely bring it to its knees.

Reconnaissance reports indicate that the General and his forces are on the move towards the underground facility. He was observed getting into a truck that is in the convoy en-route to the facility. Information also indicates that his forces have brought hostages, and is using them as human shields. Your mission is to kill Oleg Bogdnanov without any civilian casualties. You'll be inserted on a high peak just north of the facility.

Good Luck!

FB04 - Chiseled Edges

Investigate Outlying Bunkers
Secure Main Entrance
Retrieve Intelligence Documents
Rescue Hostages

Good afternoon Gentlemen,

That was quite a shot you pulled off up there. Regrettably, our Intel was bad and it was not General Bogdnanov in the truck but his executive officer. This hit was still a serious blow to the organization but hasn't disrupted the rogue army as we had hoped. This small army has now retreated into the complex and is fortified within its walls.

The situation is rapidly deteriorating and both Washington and Moscow fear that this will end up escalating into full blown media frenzy. Both sides are emphasizing that that is a scenario that must be avoided at all costs. We are unsure as to whether or not Bogdnanov has any nuclear warheads yet, however this abandoned missile base is the prime suspect on the list for their location. The world doesn't need these weapons falling into his or anyone else's hands.

We'll be inserting just North of the base. There are a few bunkers located just east of the base that need to be investigated and neutralized if necessary. We will have some Norwegians arriving later to provide support and they're traveling in armored personnel carriers. There are two main bunkers that are known to be manned outposts just outside the entrance of the main complex. These bunkers are suspected to house anti-tank teams and must be eliminated prior to assaulting the base. Norwegian officials have expressed their concern about the safety of their troops. We must ensure their survival to have their continued support.

Once inside the base, locate any intelligence documents and retrieve them. We have been operating without sufficient intelligence for the past few missions and headquarters needs all the help they can on this one. It is also suspected that Bogdnanov still has hostages from the Radar Base and the Ternen. We need to bring them in for debriefing. Finally, we need to press the issue and continue to force Bogdnanov on the defensive. If he is there, he is to be eliminated.

Good Luck!

FB05 - Glacial Knights

Eliminate Southern Threat
Contact Norwegian Garrison Commander

Good Morning Gentlemen,

The Norwegians have garrisoned the radar base on the north side of the island where we first started operations. The bad news is that the base has come under attack from Bogdnanov's renegades since twilight. Intel is unable to ascertain what Bogdanov is to gain by doing this. However, our friends need our assistance immediately.

Reports indicate that the Russians have moved a sizeable force into the vicinity of the barracks and radio station just to the south of the station. Apparently they are using this area as a launching point to perform another hostile take over of the facility.

Your mission tonight is to eliminate the forces in the South and link up with the Norwegians guarding the station. From there you will receive further orders.

Good Luck!

FB06 - Blue Ghost

Destroy Truck Transport
Clear Western Depot
Clear Eastern Depot
Demolish Satellite Transmitters

Good Morning Gentlemen,

Intel has located another one of Oleg's hideouts. We've hit the Russians hard in the past few engagements and their ranks are wearing thin. Our satellite images show a small set of supply bases in the lowlands. We have word that they are moving something from one base to the other. This may be the nukes, if Bogdanov had got them. We have to move swiftly to take out the transport heading north. Destroy the transport at all costs, if the transports gets through the mission will be scrapped.

They also have a satellite communications center and a depot that we'll need to demolish as well. Eliminate the remaining resistance at both of the depots. The more of Bogdanov's men that we eliminate the weaker he will become.

Good Luck!

FB07 - Frigid Keep

Neutralize Northern Bunker
Neutralize Southern Bunker
Locate and Secure Intel
Capture Russian Officer

Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

That was a job well done the night before last. We've picked up enemy troop movements near an old castle on the southern coast of Spitzbergen. The castle has a long history and was built during the middle ages. Prior to World War 2 it was renovated as a local tourist attraction. The building was suspected to be abandoned until the recent outbreak of hostilities.

This castle is high up in the mountains near the coast and a small Norwegian village. Intel was able to pick up some information from locals in the area that has confirmed activity at the castle. Yesterday, a break in the weather allowed a satellite to fly overhead and take pictures. From the photos we picked up a couple of fortified bunkers flanking the only entrance.

You'll be inserted to the south of the castle under the cover of dusk. Your first task is to neutralize the bunkers flanking the entrance. The next task is to infiltrate the complex and secure some intelligence documents. The exact location of the documents within the castle is unknown, so you will have to search for them. Finally, you will have to capture Bogdnanov's intelligence officer. A Norwegian agent was inserted in to the local population. He has confirmed the presence of Bogdnanov's Intel officer.

Officials in Washington along with Norwegian authorities have confirmed that there is a nuclear warhead that can't be accounted for. It is imperative that you bring him in alive for interrogation.

FB08 - Frosty Fields

Secure the Base Camp
Secure the Airfield
Rescue Hostages

Good Morning Gentlemen,

Great work on that last mission, the capture of documents along with Bogdnanov's Intel officer have been very productive! HQ was able to get a plethora of information from the officer and the documents. Our Intel people in Washington have been conducting an analysis of this information as well as all of the events that have taken place over the past couple of weeks. We have learned the following information from our friend Yuri :

1. Oleg Bogdanov has acquired a weapon of mass destruction in the form of an old SS7 warhead.

2. He and his remaining forces are planning an escape today.

The island is completely surrounded by ice which narrows his escape possibilities down to an air evacuation. Intel has determined that his forces will attempt to escape via the Spitzbergen International Airport.

Your mission is to secure the airfield and the buildings to the Southeast of it. There may be civilians in the area, which means you'll have to watch the rules of engagement. It is imperative that this army be stopped here and now or the world may see an unthinkable fate. Your team has disrupted Bogdnanov's plans to this point his forces are wounded, but not dead. Do not underestimate their fortitude or will to escape. We are counting on you gentlemen, God's speed and good luck!