Free Libya!
Campaign and AV Armory v.1.2

Mission 1- Forging Hope
1. Capture Depot building.
2. Free tribal leaders.
3. Secure the bridge.
X. All tribal leaders survive.

Call this the summer of discontent. The President is convinced that recent terrorist activities targeting American interests in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and Eritrea are being orchestrated from Libya. In the past, Muammar Ghadafi was an annoying but relatively harmless thorn in America's side. Current events have lowered the elevation of this pain.

Many Libyan tribes are also discontent. For too long they have suffered the merciless executions of their chieftains at the whim of Gadhafi's toadies. Contact with these tribes has confirmed their support of an American incursion within Libya's borders. That's all the encouragement the President needed. It's time to clean house, gentlemen. Operation: Vulcan has begun.

We're going to start by establishing a secure base of operations in Eastern Libya, near Al Jaghbub. There isn't much there for Gadhafi Loyalists to guard but there are some items of interest to us. Before you do anything, secure a small cache of weapons just east of the base. Two influential tribal chieftains and some of their supporters are held prisoner near our intended LZ. Once the leaders are freed, capture the bridge south of the base. We'll need control of that bridge when our forces are ready to advance deeper into the region. Air support will be provided once you begin your assault.

Mission 2 - Tempered Courage
1. Less than 7 kills before demo work.
2. Plant 2 demo charges in refinery.
3. Make it to extraction point.
X. Plant demo charge in warehouse.

Ghadafi funds his defense forces primarily from the revenues generated by oil sales. Turning petroleum to weapons is a practice he and his government have long perfected.

Since the richest sources of oil are deep within the interior of Libya, our conventional forces are not yet in close enough proximity to disrupt production operations. You'll be deployed to a refinery outside of Murzuq. Infiltrate the production facilities and set your demo charges. If feasible, demolish the warehouse nearby as well. After you've completed your task, make a hasty withdrawal to the extraction point.

Stealth is key to your success so; engaging the enemy in force will only bring the attention of the Loyalist Forces on you. If you find it necessary to dispatch more than 6 Libyan soldiers, then command will find it necessary to notify your next of kin.

Mission 3 - Molten Steel
1. Secure the hospital
2. Storm the mosque.
3. Get to extraction zone.
X. No platoon members lost.

Our drive to the coast will soon be underway. Ghadafi's forces in Eastern Libya are in disarray and are rapidly withdrawing to the northwest. However, subduing smaller pockets of resistance is proving worrisome for our conventional units.

Though we have continued our advance, a stronghold of Loyalists is entrenched near the city of Tazirbu. They are well supplied and won't be easy to dislodge, but ignoring them is not an option.

Your LZ is near a military hospital occupied by veterans of Libya's various clashes with Chad. They aren't yet prepared to move against us but will be soon. You must also attack the Mosque they are using as their command headquarters. When you've accomplished your objectives, make your way to the extraction area. Even if you don't eliminate the entire company, they will not pose a threat to us in the future in such a state of confusion.

Mission 4 - Hammer Strikes
1. Eliminate all SAM launchers.
2. Wait for air support.
X. Allow no enemies to escape.

Libyan forces are building up in the Ajdabiya province in preparation for our eventual push toward the Mediterranean coastal cities. Some of the support we were expecting has been diverted to the Persian Gulf due to recent signs of aggression and belligerence from Saddam Hussein. However, we can't afford to wait on their redeployment.

According to some of the rebel tribes, there is a rallying point outside the city of Jalu at a military rail depot and repair facility. Unfortunately, the area is blanketed with anti-air artillery and SAM launchers making an air strike prohibitively dangerous. If you can eliminate the SAM sites, then our gun ships will take out the enemy armor and provide air support. Once the skies are safe for the flyboys, wait for their arrival. Advance under their cover fire to accomplish any added objectives.

If all goes well, the Libyan army won't be able to organize it's forces in time to present formidable opposition to our continued advance.

Mission 5 - Welded Alliances
1. Escort convoy to rendevous.
2. No convoy vehicles destoyed.

The Libyan army suffered crushing defeats at Tobruk, Banghazi, and Ajdabiya thus liberating the eastern coast from Ghadafi's long-suffering control. Subjugated tribes from these areas have flocked together forming their own army. Unfortunately, they are ill prepared to pose much of a threat and are seeking our assistance.

To solidify our alliance with the tribes, we are prepared to deliver armor and weapons. The problem is getting them where they are needed the most.

Your job is to ensure safe passage for the armored convoy as they make their way west toward Waddan in the Al Jafrah province. Clear the way for our desert caravan and protect the armor and supply trucks at all costs. Resources are limited and time is of the essence. If you fail, then Libyan forces will overwhelm the rebel tribes before our main body can arrive to reinforce the rebel's battered lines.

Mission 6 - Traitor's Vise
1. Deliver supplies to unloading area.
2. Recon northeast for enemy activity.
X. Prevent theft of supplies.

The rebel tribes are mounting an offensive against the retreating Loyalist army. They've set up a temporary base camp at Bani Walid and are awaiting supplies. Getting the supply truck to its destination should be a cinch but there is some bad news.

With the shifting of alliances within Libya's tribal structure, it's hard to tell who is loyal to whom. Most of the subjugated tribes have rallied to our cause, but a few smaller groups have yet to toss their hat into either ring. Ghadafi's plight has become so desperate that he's offered high political positions, wealth, and land to any neutral tribe that takes arms against our alliance. Keep that in mind.

Once the supply truck is ready to unload its cargo, recon the road northeast of the base camp. If you encounter forces loyal to Ghadafi, eliminate them and make your way back to the unloading area.

Mission 7 - Quenching Fire
1. Demo rooftop antenna.
2. Torture prisoners.
X. Secure Amphibious LZ.

The combined might of the rebel tribesmen and our conventional forces has been too much for the Ghadafi forces to bear. Ghadafi fled his homeland a week ago. The Loyalist army is battered and ineffective, but not yet beaten. Libya's capital city, Tripoli, remains fortified and defiant despite constant naval barrages and airborne bombing.

Casualties thus far have been unexpectedly light on our side and the President wants it to remain that way. As we prepare to make our final assault on the city, strategic strikes are being executed to sever the Loyalist communication lines. Additionally, any intelligence regarding the whereabouts of Ghadafi himself is required.

The primary target of interest is the Communications Center. Lay demo charges near the rooftop antenna to disrupt their ability to orchestrate a defense. Secondly, capture several prisoners in the nearby Loyalist camp. Interogate the prisoners for information on the whereabouts of the tyrant, Ghadafi. Should they not talk upon capture, shoot them in a few non-lethal areas one by one until someone decides they have had enough. Finally, if feasable and given the opportunity, soften the shores for the nearby LZ by eliminating any beach patrols.

Mission 8 - Final Polish
1. Avoid detection (7 kills max).
2. Get Ghadafi, dead or alive.
3. Gather at extraction area.
X. Assasinate Hussein and Arafat

Well, here we are in sunny Iraq, gentlemen. Thanks to the bountiful "kindness" of Saddam Hussein, Ghadafi found himself a nice little hole in which to hide. Intel managed to zero in on the little piece of heaven Saddam is lending to the fearless Libyan leader.

I can't stress the importance of bagging Ghadafi enough. Make an attempt to take him alive, but at the slightest hint of resistance, he becomes a liability.

If our information checks out, you'll have additional opportunities to further the cause of freedom, not only in Africa, but in the Middle East as well. Your little day trip coincides with Saddam's first meeting with Ghadafi since he came begging at his door. Yassir Arafat is also rumored to be on the scene.

With a little luck, you'll be orchestrating what could be a coup-de-grace for Liberty in this world. We want Saddam dead or alive if given the opportunity. Arafat would be a boon that puts the Israeli's forever in our debt as well.