BEERmug's Border Ambush

BEERmug's Border Ambush
1. Secure the Georgian border.
2. Eliminate Gen. Papashvili.
3. Escort POW to extraction point.
4. No one makes it across the border.

Our satelite photos show that there is a convoy heading South East towards the Georgian border. The Russians are trying to move nukes in to Georgia. The satelite photos also show that Gen. Papashvili and a POW are with them.

This convoy can not make it into Georgia. There is a small group of Georgians protecting the border. Eliminate the guards and patrols, and secure the border. Gen. Papashvili is in the convoy, he has the arming keys for the nukes, find him and kill him. The POW is also in the convoy, eliminate enemy forces and escort POW to extraction.

Ground intelligence tells us that the nukes are in the lead truck. DO NOT FIRE ON THE CONVOY. If you fire to early you risk a radiation leak. We are having one of our F18's drop napalm on the lead truck. After the lead truck is taking out, you may engage at will. DO NOT FIRE UNTIL THEN. No one makes it across the border. Good Luck and God's Speed...

Extract to your Ghost Recon\Mods Folder.


Ghost Recon Mission Mod(Mission: BEERmug's Border Ambush)
Your part of U.S. Army Special Forces, you have information that
Russians are moving nukes into Georgia. You and your team
must ambush them at the border with a little help from the air force.