8 Days
Desert Siege Mission Pack

8Days - Mission 01: The Hammer
1. Destroy Northern Artillery
2. Destroy Sothern Artillery
3. Plant Demo Pack At Radio Tower
4. Get Team To Extraction

Beach Town -- Day 1

Rebel forces have set up armor units along a ridge near this beach and are using them as artillery. Fire from this armor is blocking movement up the only highway on the coast, effectively cutting off the army from the southern half of the country. They set up a camp behind a ridge near the town. This area is sure to be heavily guarded, so proceed into there with extreme caution. You may want to consider equiping your team with a sniper to pick off any loners, but make sure to bring some heavy weapons so the enemy doesn't overrun you with their numbers.

The rebels have driven off all the locals and are in total control of a small town on the near side of the ridge. A radio station located in the town if of great strategic importance to them, as it is their only communication post.

Ghosts, your mission is to plant a demo pack on the roof of the radio station, you will also need to destroy the two armor units on the ridge and get out.

Send your demolitions teams into the town, and your heavy weapons teams to clear the camp. Your next mission is inland from here and you will be extracting near the enemy camp. If you can, try and draw the rebels in the camp toward the beach then flank them from the hillside. Best of luck gentlemen.

8Days - Mission 02: Slaughter House
1. Protect The Fat Boss
2. Clear The Village Of Rebels
3. Escort The Fat Boss To Extraction
4. Get Team To Extraction

Trench Town -- Day 02

Rebel forces have stepped up their offensive. They have moved into an village run by an arms dealer know as The Fat Boss and have attempted an assault on his home multiple times with no success. Many of his guards have died and the few remaining cannot hold out for long.

Guard The Fat Boss until the rebel assault has passed. You need to escort him out of the area but before you can do this you need to make sure your escape route is secure by eliminating all enemys in the village. Once this is done get the Fat Boss and your team to the extracion.

There is no need to wander off and play hero here, just clear the village and get out of there. This is going to be tricky, make sure you equip your team with a sniper and a some heavy weapons capable of clearing a village full of armed rebels. They are going to be crawling out of every corner of that village. Proceed with extreme caution and kill with extreme predjudice!

8Days - Mission 03: Industrial Revolt
1. Recapture Oil Refinery
2. Recapture Train Depot
3. Get Hostages To Extraction
4. Get Team To Extraction

Oil Refinery -- Day 03

The rebels have captured the only oil refinery in the country. The fuel produced there is a must if they plan to sustain an effective military campaign. Because of it's strategic importance, recapturing it will deal a near fatal blow to their plan of taking control over the southern half of the country.

During their attack on the refinery, some of the workers were captured. These workers are the only people in the region who know how to run this refinery, so it is vital that they stay alive.

Your mission is to take back the refinery and the nearby train depot, rescue the refinery workers, and get the hell out of there.

The sudden surplus of fuel for the rebels means they will also be patroling the in pickups and jeeps more frequently now.

You can expect lots of close quarter fighting in the refinery so make sure to equip your team with small arms, any explosives in these tight quarters is likely to kill a hostage so be careful. It's time to put the grave diggers back to work. Huah!

8Days - Mission 04: Stranglehold
1. Execute Rebel Leaders
2. Eliminate Southern Roadblock Forces
3. Eliminate Northern Roadblock Forces

Roadblock -- Day 04

The rebels have a monopoly on all north-south movement along the country's highways, and we want the one running through this valley back. This narrow valley provides natural defense which the rebels have improved on by placing pillboxes along its cliffsides, and on top of that there is an old fortress that sits atop a hill behind the cliffs adorned with bunkers.

This great defensive position, along with the only hospital in the region, made this area a nobrainer for their choice of headquarters locations.

Intel has found a gap in their outer defenses big enough so you can drive right up onto their front lawn, and we plan to exploit this before they close it up. Your first priority here is to execute the rebel leader, he should be easy to spot as he is the only white guy living within 100 miles of here. Once this is accomplished clear the rebels out of the valley. The hospital located there is desperatly needed by the civilian population.

You would be wise to equip your team with a sniper to clear those pillboxes.

8Days - Mission 05: HellCat Canyon
1. Secure Upper River Crossing
2. Eliminate All Enemy Armor Units
3. Eliminate Enemy Defenses
4. Secure Lower River Crossing

Day 05 Waterfall -- HellCat's Canyon

This could get ugly. Your team will be dropped off at the in the hills of this canyon near your first objective. You mission here is to secure the river crossings and to eliminate the enemy from this valley. First at the bridge in the upper canyon, then proceed to the lower canyon and secure the river crossing there.

Secure the crossings by eliminating all enemys in these areas. Recon reports there is Russian armor in the hills of this canyon, you need to eliminate all of it. To make things even more tricky, the rebels have set up defensive positions at the crossroads between the upper and lower canyon. Basically they have set up a moblie fortress there.

Be sure to equip your team with rockets and heavy weapons for this ride along with a sniper.
The enemy is all over the place here, use your sniper to clear their stationary postions, and your support to make sure they don't overrun you with their numbers. This is it, once you clear this canyon you can go home.

Mod Name : 8 Days Desert Siege Mission Pack
Version : 1.0
Author : Right-hand
Support : aaronastone@hotmail.com

What Is This?

8 Days Desert Seige Mission Pack is a server side mission pack for the Ghost Recon Desert Seige Mod. The missions are designed for coop play but can be played in single player mode as well(They will be very difficult this way, as they were designed for coop). The missions are designed to be difficult to promote team play, and to bring back coop play that isn't a no-brainer-run-and-gun-I-think-I-got-skills-
-in-the-back-that-I-already-know-are-there type game. Oh yea, you must have the Desert Seige Mod active in order to play these missions.

Installation Instructioins:

Copy and Paste, or Cut and Paste, all the .mis files into your "Ghost Recon/Mods/MP1/Mission" folder.

The files will overwrite the older versions of 8 days if you happen to have them.
***No original files are overwritten in the installation of this mod.

For Slow Computers/Connections:

I might suggest you set the 'Show Dead Bodies' option to off to reduce strain on your computer. The missions themselves are not laggy, even though there are about 100 enemies on each mission, because of the scripting. However, the accumulation of 100 dead bodies on the map does tend to drag on a systems resources. Besides, It makes it easier to tell which guy of the bodies is shooting at you anyway. ;)

Why is it named 8 Days when there are only 5 missions?

I plan on creating a total of at least 8 missions for this Desert Seige mission pack, if not more. However, I have decided to release the first 5 early because of the amount of time it takes to make and test so many missions. The rest will come later.(Yes im still planning on making a mission that takes place on the multiplayer ravine map). All the missions will continue to be edited for playability, and any script bugs that come to my attention. These first 5 mission, although I consider them finished, may be edited further and rereleased again with the other missions.