The Needle's Eye

The Needle's Eye

1. Secure Hostage Location
2. Rescue Hostage & Locate BioWeapon
3. Plant Demo Charges At BioWeapon Site
4. Get Team & Hostage To Extraction

Here is the situation gentlemen. Fighting continues to spiral out of control in the Russian province of Chechnya. The Chechens, supplied by the extreme MuHoLa, or Muslim Holy Land, Organization are well armed and well funded. Rumors emulating from various foreign intelligence sources are suggesting that the Chechens have recently received a small shipment of biological weapons and are willing to use it in a last-ditch defensive effort.

In the past ten days, insurgent forces have staged a series of particularly ugly attacks moving Russia's war preparations into high gear. On June 22nd the Russian Prime Minister, Viktor Kulikov, told soldiers near the front line to prepare for a "decisive battle".

The latest outrage was the kidnapping of the most hard-lined of Russian Leaders, Moroshkin, who has been calling for a full-scale military assault into Chechnya to "purge the region of those bent on war". A Russian Special Forces team attempted a rescue operation yesterday and never returned. Kulikov has made it publicly known that if Moroshkin does return alive a full-scale war will ensue not only against the Chechens, but also against any organization supporting their cause.

It looks like neither side wants to be the first to blink. All this gives the outside world a large stake in heading off war, which is why you are here. Ghosts, you will be spearheading a team of U.N. and U.S. forces in an assault against the insurgent forces holding Moroshkin hostage. The insurgents are using Moroshkin as the ace up their sleeve, if they feel overrun they are likely to execute him and we cannot afford for this to happen.

Your first objective must be to secure the hostage, and to do so from a distance. This is going to be like threading a needle. Once inside the house, look for information about the location of the biological weapons, which are thought to be close by. Your team will be carrying explosives with enough boom to vaporize any bugs these guys are thinking about using as a weapon. After that its just a matter of getting everyone back across the border to Russia.

Failure is not an option.

The Needle's Eye

1. Overview
The Needle's Eye is a mission mod created by Right-hand for the mission mod contest.

2. Activation
In order to play The Needle's Eye you will need to run Ghost Recon and activate the mod titled "The Needle's Eye".

3. Playing The Needle's Eye
The Needle's Eye is available for play in both as a single player mission, using the quick mission menu, and as a multiplayer co-op game.
Please make sure to read the breifing before you play.

4. Compatability Issues
There are no compatability issues with other mods. You do not need to run Desert Siege to play The Needle's Eye.

5. Thanks
Thanks to the folks at and UBI/Redstorm for hosting the mission mod contest, hopefully it will encourage mission modders to take the time to create quality missions.

6. Support
You can contact me, Right-hand, at my email address:

Enjoy! :)