===12 Weeks - Version 3.1===

12 Weeks - Mission 01: Stolen Secrets
1. Execute Aerospace Engineer
2. Plant Demo Pack At Crash Site
3. Plant Demo Pack At Transport Truck
4. Get Team To Extraction

Dnieper Lowlands, Ukraine: Week 1

A top secret U.S. fighter jet flying a recon mission crash landed in the Ukraine two days ago. News of the crash has reached the Russian military and they have responded by sending a small company of soldiers into the Ukraine to recover the fighter.

At first the Pentagon believed this to be an act of war, but has since learned that this action was supported by Ukraine. This leads us to believe that a new coalition of ex-Soviet states may be forming.

The crashed fighter is equipped with a type of stealth technology we would not like to see in the hands of the enemy. Satellite photos taken just hours after the crash show the fighter to be mostly intact after it crashed. More recent photos show the fighter being dismantled and put into trucks.

Ghosts, your mission is to eliminate all traces of the fighter. Plant a demo pack by the fighter jet and another by the transport truck. Additionally, a Russian aerospace engineer is masterminding the dismantling of the fighter. Whatever he knows is too much. Execute him. Once these objectives are met get to the extraction zone for your ride home.

12 Weeks - Mission 02: Airforce None
1. Shut Off Water Valves
2. Burn HQ And Control Tower
3. Get Team To Extraction

Star City, Russia: Week 2

Great work last week eliminating all traces of the fighter jet. We believe the mission was a total success. However, the Pentagon has a reliable source confirming that some information about the fighter's stealth technology was relayed from the aerospace engineer to Star City, Russia before he was killed.

The same source has also confirmed that this information has not spread beyond the airbase at Star City. What we don't know is who at the airbase has this information. The most likely candidate are the officers in the headquarters there, but we cannot be certain.

Ghosts, your mission is to eliminate every Russian at Star City's airbase. Additionally, you are to set fire to the headquarters and the control tower, this should destroy any records they have of secret stealth technology without setting off alarms all over Russia. Hopefully this will ensure that whatever information they have will die with the Russians at the airbase. Before you can do this, you will need to shut off the water valves that control the sprinkler systems.

12 Weeks - Mission 03: Sphere Of Influence
1. Eliminate All Rebel Forces
2. Plant Demo Pack On Bridge
3. Execute Russian Officer
4. All Team Members Out Of Russia

Week 3: Homyel, Belarus

Our fears of a new coalition of ex-Soviet states look to be coming true. Earlier this week, Russian troops stationed on the Russia-Belarus border armed the peasants of the Belarusian border town of Homyel. Poverty and famine that has plagued the region has lead the people of Homyel to claim loyalty to the Russian Army. Yesterday, the peasants killed U.N. Peacekeepers bringing relief aid to the region.

The Belarusian government fears this uprising may spread across the countryside. To make matters worse, the Army of Belarus has refused to take up arms against it's own people, so the Belarusian government has turned to us for help. We fear this is a sign of bad things to come.

Ghosts, your mission is to stop the uprising from spreading. Your first objective is to kill all the rebels in the region. Next you are to plant a demo pack on the bridge connecting Russia to Belarus. This should slow the influx of Russian arms into the region. Finally, you are to execute the Russian officer responsible for the uprising. He is camped just across the bridge. Make sure to get your team back across the bridge, we will pick you up from there. You will want to bring in some heavy firepower for this mission and plenty of frags.

12Weeks - Mission 04: Burning Pegasus
1. Eliminate All Enemies
2. Eliminate All Six Enemy Armor Units
x. No Civilian Casualties

Instanbul, Turkey: Week 4

In response to the aggressive Russian actions in East Europe, Turkey began denying Russian ships passage through the Bosporus this week in an effort to force trade sanctions proposed by NATO. The Russians responded by declaring war against Turkey. As you know, two days ago they attacked Istanbul in an attempt to gain control over the Bosporus and managed to get a small foothold inside the city.

Many of our strongest NATO allies are hesitant to respond to the attack. Many are preparing their own defenses in response to destabilization in the East Europe. Others would rather wait it out and see if the Russian offensive spreads. The Pentagon, and the British Parliament have decided not to sit by and watch.

Ghosts, your mission is to clear the city of Russian forces, this includes -SIX- enemy armor units. Since we would like to do this while inflicting minimal damage to the city we have decided to use small high-firepower teams. British Special Forces have already pushed the Russian position inland and regained Naval control of the Bosporus. Now its your turn to clear the city and finish the job.

12 Weeks - Mission 05: Cross Fire
1. Destroy Northern Artillery
2. Destroy Southern Artillery
3. Destroy All Enemy Armor
4. Get Team To Extraction

Near Bacau, Romania: Week 5

As you know, three days ago Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Georgia formed a military alliance. Together they simultaneously launched an offensive into the Balkans and the Baltic States. The following day the Army of Belarus overthrew their government and signed into the alliance.

The Ukrainian offensive into the Balkans suffered heavy casualties and was stopped in its tracks by the Romanian Army entrenched in the Transylvanian Alps. NATO forces want to take advantage of the situation by advancing against Ukraine's weak position. However, they need to secure a route through the mountain passes for armor units through the pass near Bacau. So far air strikes against the Ukrainian position there have failed to rout them.

Ghosts, your mission is to secure the highway through the mountain passes for the advancing NATO forces. Your objective is to eliminate all enemy armor in the area which pose a serious threat to an armor column. Two artillery units stationed in the hills have already been spotted and are your first two objectives. Destroying all other armor units will be your other mission objective. Once all the armor in the region is eliminated get your team to the extraction zone. There is going to be hell of a firefight near the village here as these troops are hardened and fearless.

12 Weeks - Mission 06: Ambush
1. Plant Demo Packs At Camp Trucks
2. Plant Demo Pack At Bridge
3. Get Team To Extraction

Bryansk, Russia: Week 6

With the Russian military alliance on the defensive now in the Balkans, they have renewed their offensive in the North. The Baltic States have already fallen to Russians, Belarus has joined the alliance, and the Russians are now blitzing across the plains right into Poland.

When Belarus joined the Russian military alliance last week Poland suddenly and unexpectedly became exposed to the Russian front. With such little time to prepare sufficient defenses on their eastern border, Poland is quickly falling into the hands of the Russian-lead alliance. NATO is doing all it can to support the Polish Army, but we need to slow the Russian advance into Poland so NATO forces have enough time to secure position for ground forces in Poland.

Ghosts, your mission is to slow the Russian advance into Poland by demolishing a key bridge that spans a ravine. We would destroy it by air but the Russians have gained air superiority over the region already. Because you will have the opportunity, you also need to plant two demo packs at the Russian camp near the rivers shallow crossing. Plant one next to each of the supply trucks stationed at the camp. Then get to the hell out of there before the whole Russian army comes down on you.


12 Weeks - Mission 07: Misery
1. Plant Demo Pack At W. Island Storage
2. Plant Demo Pack At E. Island Camp
3. Gather Intelligence
4. Get Team To Extraction

Nereta Swamp, Latvia: Week 7

Reliable sources have informed the Pentagon of a secret Russian intelligence camp set up in Latvian swamp. Because of the nature of the swamp, it is all but impossible to get in there except on foot. So you get the job.

Ghosts, your mission is to infiltrate the Russian intelligence camp and gather information from three different locations in the swamp, all are tagged on your command map. You are also to plant a demo pack on the east island camp near the truck and antenna, and one on the the west island by the storage area. Then get your team out of there. Did I happen to mention the part about the leeches?

12 Weeks - Mission 08: Ascension
1. Execute The Traitor Gengle
2. Get All Hostages To Extraction
3. Get Team To Extraction

Vladimir, Russia: Week 8

Well well your still alive. They should give you a Medal of Honor for the work you did last week. The information you gathered from the Russian intelligence camp last week has turned out to be most valuable. From documents retrieved we have confirmed the location of four POWs. They are being held in an old castle right in the middle of Russia. Sounds like fun eh? Perhaps more importantly, we have also learned of one of our own spying for the Russians.

His name is Gengle. He was believed to have been taken prisoner with the others, but we have since learned that this was simply a cover for him to flee to Russia.

Ghosts, your mission is to make contact with the hostages and get them safely to the extraction zone. Also, you need to kill the traitor then get your asses out of there.

12 Weeks - Mission 09: Back Door
1. Capture Officers
2. Get Officers To Extraction
3. Get Team To Extraction

Near St. Petersburg, Russia: Week 9

The information you gathered two weeks ago has provided us with the coordinates of a Russian Special Infantry Unit camp located near St. Petersburg. According to reports, the camp is home to multiple high ranking Russian officers and a Russian Special Infantry Company. Accusations have been circulating that the Russian SI have been committing atrocities against civilians in the Baltic States in the form of medical experiments.

Ghosts, your missions is to infiltrate this camp and capture the men behind these war crimes so we can bring them to justice. There are two Russian officers working at the camp hospital. They are likely to have guards with them and will not surrender easily. Don't let these officers die or your mission will be aborted. Your team must capture and take them to the extraction zone. Then get your team to the extraction for your ride home.

12 Weeks - Mission 10: Black Sheep
1. Find and Destroy All Anti-Aircraft
2. Plant Demo Pack At Chopper
3. Plant Demo Pack At Stealth Fighter
4. Get Hostages And Team To Extraction

Star City, Russia: Week 10

We have reason to believe the Russians have began developed an advanced type of stealth technology, much like the kind used to build the fighter that crashed into the Ukrainian farm 10 weeks ago. Rumor has it that some parts of the fighter jet had been smuggled to Star City before you blew the farm. There are more pressing issues at hand however. Four U.S. pilots are being held captive at the airbase. We believe the Russians hope to get information about the workings of the stealth technology out of them.

Satellite photos show the airbase to be fully operational again and we believe security has been beefed up since your last visit. Try and get a sniper into the control tower asap, he should be able to spot any guards wandering around the runways from up there.

Ghosts, your mission is to rescue the four US pilots, these men will pilot you home so make sure they stay alive. But first you will need to find and destroy the antiaircraft weapons stationed at the base. Also, we want you to demolish the prototype stealth aircraft being developed at the base. I know we are asking a lot of you, but we have faith in your abilities to do the impossible. Good luck out there.

12 Weeks - Mission 11: Pier Pressure
1. Plant Demo Pack In Sub Pen
2. Execute The Submarine Officer
3. Plant Demo Pack At Warehouses
4. Get Team To Extraction

Sevastopol, Ukraine: Week 11

NATO forces have broken through in the Balkans. Most of Ukraine has already fallen into the hands of NATO and the Russians are retreating out of Ukraine as fast as possible. However, the Russian line of defense from Odessa to Kharkiv is stiff, and has halted NATO's advance. NATO's swift advance has also left the front line without air supremacy.

The sudden collapse of the Ukrainian offensive in Romania left a void across Ukraine exposing the Russians supply chain, which never reached the Ukraine Army. Using the railroad they are shipping what supplies they can to the naval base at Sevastopol. They are loading their armor onto ships and making the jump across the Black Sea back to Russia in an attempt to hurry the retreat.

Ghosts, your mission is to infiltrate the naval base at Sevastopol and plant demo packs in two places. First, the warehouses where they are storing ammunition, when this blows its going to light up the sky like the Fourth of July. You also need to plant a demo pack in the sub pen located at the base. These subs are the only reason the British fleet hasn't already blown the Russians out of the Black Sea. Finally, one of the highest officers in the Russian Army is coordinating the retreat from this naval base. Kill him, and get the hell out before you wake up the whole retreating army.

Take note, stealth maybe the key to your survival here. This base is rigged with an alarm system, if the enemy spots you they are likely to call for backup, so be a shadow. A quiet shadow.

12 Weeks - Mission 12: Last Week
1. Eliminate All Enemies
2. Eliminate All Five Enemy Armor Units

Minsk, Belarus: Week 12

After the disastrous Russian retreat out of Ukraine, the Russian lead military alliance has surrendered. The war is over. However, there is a pocket of troops in Minsk who refuse to surrender. They claim to be the new official government of Belarus and have been fighting fiercely with NATO forces over the last few days.

The troops are holed up in the political district of Minsk. Our NATO allies rejected out plan to bomb them into the next life. Apparently the number of civilian casualties from such action would be to high. We need a small force with lots of firepower to get in there and eliminate this pocket of resistance.

Ghosts, your mission is to secure the political district of Minsk by eliminating all resistance in the region. This includes destroying the five armor units patrolling the city. Make it through this in one piece, and I'll think about giving you a week off.

1. Eliminate All Enemies

Information reguarding this assignment is classified.


Needle's Eye
1. Secure Hostage Location
2. Rescue Hostage & Locate BioWeapon
3. Plant Demo Charges At BioWeapon Site
4. Get Team & Hostage To Extraction

Here is the situation gentlemen. Fighting continues to spiral out of control in the Russian province of Chechnya. The Chechens, supplied by the extreme MuHoLa, or Muslim Holy Land, Organization are well armed and well funded. Rumors emulating from various foreign intelligence sources are suggesting that the Chechens have recently received a small shipment of biological weapons and are willing to use it in a last-ditch defensive effort.

In the past ten days, insurgent forces have staged a series of particularly ugly attacks moving Russia's war preparations into high gear. On June 22nd the Russian Prime Minister, Viktor Kulikov, told soldiers near the front line to prepare for a "decisive battle".

The latest outrage was the kidnapping of the most hard-lined of Russian Leaders, Moroshkin, who has been calling for a full-scale military assault into Chechnya to "purge the region of those bent on war". A Russian Special Forces team attempted a rescue operation yesterday and never returned. Kulikov has made it publicly known that if Moroshkin does return alive a full-scale war will ensue not only against the Chechens, but also against any organization supporting their cause.

It looks like neither side wants to be the first to blink. All this gives the outside world a large stake in heading off war, which is why you are here. Ghosts, you will be spearheading a team of U.N. and U.S. forces in an assault against the insurgent forces holding Moroshkin hostage. The insurgents are using Moroshkin as the ace up their sleeve, if they feel overrun they are likely to execute him and we cannot afford for this to happen.

Your first objective must be to secure the hostage, and to do so from a distance. This is going to be like threading a needle. Once inside the house, look for information about the location of the biological weapons, which are thought to be close by. Your team will be carrying explosives with enough boom to vaporize any bugs these guys are thinking about using as a weapon. After that its just a matter of getting everyone back across the border to Russia.

Failure is not an option.

**Best if window is maximized when viewing**

Mod Name : 12 Weeks
Version : 3.1
Author : Right-hand =DRAG=
Support : aaronastone@hotmail.com

12 Weeks is a server-side mission pack for Ghost Recon.
No original files will be overwritten during the installation.
The only files that will be overwritten are the older versions of the 12 Weeks missions.
12 Weeks is compatable with all client side mods.

All modified enemy weapons kits and gun files created for 12 Weeks are no longer necessary to run 12 Weeks and can be deleted.
Locate these files in the folder "Ghost Recon\Mods\Origmiss\Equip" and delete them if you wish:

mg3 only.kit
myoicw and frag.kit
mysddragnov and frag.kit
mysddragunov and m9sd.kit

Whats New.

-I have included one of my mission from the =DRAG= Black Sun mod and my mission from the Ghostrecon.net mission mod contest (which happened to win first place) :)

-FOG has changed. Sight distances are increased, fog density is often reduced, enemy sight distance is often reduced, and on some maps fog color is more realistic or simply removed.

-All enemies are now equipted with the standard Russian weapons instead of my modified weapons kits.

-Fewer enemies are "locked" into "combat - alertness" where it doesn't seem appropriate.

-Fewer enemies have their combat rules of engagement set to "suppress". This will reduce the amount enemies firing like crazy even when players are not in sight. It will also increase the number of enemies trying to use stealth to creep up on players.

-Some annoying bugs have been fixed, on the Airforce None mission players should now be able to set fires without dying, and the alarm was removed from mission set on the POW camp map.

I just don't have the time anymore to edit and test all 12 original missions for playability/style/bugs/realism/script errors and so on anymore so please feel free to email me at the email addres above if you have any suggestions or errors to report.